The Pet Picker

The Pet Picker


You need Power Point to run this game.



1.Take turns to play.

2.Each student says START and the teacher clicks on the red button.

3.Then, the same student shouts  STOP and the teacher clicks again on the red button. 

4.The teacher and the rest of the students then ask, ”What’s your favourite pet?”.

5.The student who got the turn must answer according to the animal that got picked, “My favourite pet is a/an...”.



1.The teacher asks, “What’s your favourite pet?”.

2.The student says, “START”.

3.The teacher clicks the red button.

4.The student must choose one of the animals in the wheel by saying, “My favourite pet is a/an…”

5.After saying the animal, the student says, “STOP” and the teacher clicks again the red button. 

The student gets the points if that pet gets picked. 

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