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Meet the team

Welcome to Teach Tintas, a place for teachers in search of inspiration

Tatiana Oseguera
  • Tintas de la Cultura y el Arte
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Teaching means to inspire. No matter what the subject is, an educator holds a unique opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

I believe that the more creative and dynamic a lesson is, the more the students will feel move to learn. Despite of the age, learning should be always fun and interesting. 

Cartoonist and collaborator
Irma Gómez

I have been a teacher since I was seventeen, and I am convinced that, although the time my students spent with me was just a tiny portion of the rest of their lives, that fraction of time was valuable for them. Even if they did not know it. 

A funny drawing, a bright colour, an interesting story, made the difference in their learning process, and afterwards, in their way to see the world. 

Anette Orozco
Graphic Designer
  • Tintas de la Cultura y el Arte

Investing in children's learning is one of the best ways of impacting our world's future.

I am a graphic designer and nature lover, avid learner, and challenges addicted. I enjoy traveling and understanding culture and human ways of expression.

Translator and collaborator
Keeven Huang

I am curious, like a child.

I feel great excitement for life and nature, and I think, as a teacher, I can share this passion with my students.

I am an English teacher in China, ready to face challenges and find the best ways to make learning, an exciting process.

Teachers are guides, not big bosses.


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