Happy Mexican Independence Net... I mean, Day!

To celebrate the Mexican Independence Day in our English class in an easy, yet, fun way, we made a paper net. Yes, a paper net!

I was creating the template myself, but then, I found one over at Bubble Dabble Do, which saved me from the trouble. (Big thank you!).

For this activity you will only need:

  • Net template (I used the one from www.babbledabbledo.com).

  • Green and red markers, colours or crayons.

  • Scissors.

  • Ruler (optional, you can do some extra folding to avoid using the ruler).

1. Fold in half, twice, along the long side of the paper.Then, fold in three parts.

2. Unfold.

3. Color the first block with green, on both sides preferably, then the third block with red. We are making a flag.

4. Fold again like in step number 1.

5. Cut along the solid lines.

6. Unfold carefully.

Ready! Your Mexican Independence Day Net is ready to decorate your students' doors!

I hope you liked it!

Happy Mexican Independence Day!

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