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Hola, soy Tatiana Oseguera creator of Teach Tintas Language Learning. Let me tell you a bit about our Spanish classes and tutoring services.

Our Spanish classes are taught by experienced native teachers, who make learning the language fun and interesting. We offer classes for kids and adults, that are tailored to each student's needs and can be used for traveling, meeting new people, or for academic purposes. We provide digital materials for each class and offer a free demo class to get a taste of our teaching.

Tatiana Oseguera, Language Teacher
  • Taught via Zoom

  • Each class is designed to last 40 minutes. (With us, you will discover a new way of learning).

  • You can pay monthly or save money and pay for a package.

  • Each class fee (not including taxes) varies from 20 to 40 Canadian dollars, depending on frequency and number of students registering in one class.

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