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Monica Magnetti, Executive Consultant and Life Coach for Entrepreneurs

Tatiana makes learning Spanish easy. First she defines with you your goals, then she creates a system just for you so that you can achieve those language goals. I, for example, wanted to be focused more on being able to converse in Spanish. Her teaching methods are fantastic and she makes learning a new language fun and interesting. Tatiana's english is superb, so she is able to explain the nuances of both languages. I highly recommend Tatiana as Spanish teacher, translator and any other applications of the Spanish language.  

Yan Zheng,

Wine and Spirits Professional

My daughter started her Spanish study with Tatiana since she was 4 years old. Tatiana always teaches with her heart! She made a beautiful notebook with my daughter's name on it and taught the 4 years old with lots of fun activities such as drawing, singing, dancing, games etc. We are Chinese and some times our questions and problems are different with English speakers. Tatiana can always catch the problems and answer our questions. I feel lucky that we met Tatiana and my daughter really loves her!

Becke Gray, Project Manager and Consultant

Tatiana was a great help to me through teaching me Spanish. Tatiana is able to clearly see what areas of the language require attention and provided exercises to improve. The exercises were varied and interesting to do. Most of all, Tatiana is fun to converse with and our conversations in Spanish are the best part of learning Spanish from Tatiana. 

Sam Zipursky, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Tatiana is a great Spanish Tutor/Teacher, actually one of the bestI've had. She is a real teacher not just someone who says theycan help you with your Spanish. My Spanish conversation andgrammar have definitely improved since working with her and Iwant to keep working with her into the future!

Dr. M. Sobat, Medical researcher, and Specialist in Anatomical & Clinical Pathology

This is my pleasure to recommend Mrs. Tatiana Oseguera as a great Spanish tutor. I’ve known her for two years, teaching Spanish to my son. He has improved more than our expectations. The most fabulous point about Tatiana is how she customizes the lessons combining it with her taste of art. You can see her classes more of a kind of fun learning experience, rather than dull usual ones.

Della Dibadj, Operation Manager

Tatiana is a dedicated teacher. I have been with her for 9 months now and my Spanish has progressed drastically. I have notchosen anybody else... Looking forward to more sessions withher. She is an amazing teacher and an amazing person...