6 classroom management principles that changed my life

Updated: May 22, 2019

Try to remember who were your best teachers and why you like them so much

Hi there!

Today, I want to share with you the six things that have saved me from going crazy teaching large classes.


Seriously, especially when teaching young students, routine is key. Be careful, though, having a routine, doesn't mean monotony. The routine is the rhythm of your class. No matter what subject you teach, it really helps to have a structure that you keep for all your classes.

In my case, I follow a very simple pattern:

  1. Opening ritual,

  2. Learning activities

  3. Closing ritual.

Really, it works!

You can download a lesson plan template I have designed to keep things simple and organized, right here. It's FREE!


You are not running a prison! You don't want soldiers or statues, remember, you are working with human beings! But, let's be honest, you don't want to go to the extreme where your classroom turns into a circus!

On the one hand, having clear rules can avoid many accidents and unnecessary stress. On the other, it's not about the rules, but the positive outcome that brings to respect them.

Another thing, It doesn't matter how far into the course you are, it doesn't hurt to remind students the rules of the game.

Be consistent. If you have said that you won't start class until everyone is quiet, then, do it! Otherwise, they will know that you are not serious and they will start pushing the boundaries.

I don't start my class until everyone is seated and has put everything away (extremely important if you want to avoid further distractions). Once that I have everyone's attention, then, I begin.