Do you want to engage your students right away?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Through years of teaching, I have observed that one of the easiest, yet effective, ways to engage students is by singing, dancing, or playing an instrument. No matter what the age is, as soon as you start singing, they will look at you. Maybe because you are not a great singer, maybe because you are, or maybe just because you are taking them out of their routines.

Well, in any case, I invite you to try it, especially if you are teaching children, in which case, I believe there's a way of organizing your class that doesn't fail: opening, introduction, development, activities and closing. It doesn't really matter the name you decide to give to each part of your class, the key is to keep it simple, organized and constant.

So, for the opening, I love to use songs, and this one I am sharing today with you, is one of my favourites. It can be use for online classes or in your home with your kids.

The lyrics and ukulele chords are in the description area of the video, in YouTube.

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