Good Monday, good rest of your week

In my twelve years teaching, I have come to the conclusion that, a good Monday, normally brings a good rest of the week. But to have a good Monday, is not a "destiny" kind of situation. Most of the time, Mondays have all what it takes to be horrible, but with the right attitude, I turn things around and I end up having a great day. Like today, for example, busy schedule. Busy busy busy. However, I told myself "Tatiana, it's ok, have fun", and so I did, I had fun. I finished all the tasks for the day: I taught 7 classes, reviewed the teachers lesson plans, made flowers to finish decorating the hall, and creat the material for my next classes.

Cheers everyone, have a great week!

(I'm in China, here, Monday is almost over 😬It's your turn to have an awesome day 😜)

My desk this morning 🙄

Me, at the end of the day 😬