Ms. Mariana Olson, from Art and Doodles for Kids, has joined our bloggers team!

I am super excited to welcome our new blog member, Ms. Mariana Olson, creator of Art & Doodles for Kids, an amazing place where you can find great ideas and tutorials for your kiddos.

Ms. Olson is awesome at what she does, her creations are simple, yet fun and beautiful, and her explanations are easy to follow.

Here at Teach Tintas, we are happy to have her contributions.

Don't miss any of her post, follow her on our blog area!

Welcome Ms. Olson!


Hello there, I’m Mariana Olson the creator of Art & Doodles for Kids, in my channel you will find art and drawing lessons for kids, where you can follow along with me to get awesome results. The videos are also bilingual (Spanish and English). My goal:

• To develop fine motor skills, drawing skills and creativity in children.

• To make It fun and entertaining for both, children and their parents.

• To show an easy way to improve drawing skills.

So, I hope you can come and check it out!

Ms. Mariana Olson

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