Updated: Jun 5, 2020

What is STEM literacy ?

The main goal of STEM education is not for student to become mathematicians, scientists, technicians, or engineers; although it would be great for more of our youth had such aspiration.The goal is for all students to be able to function or thrive in our highly technological world ----that is, to be STEM literate.

An important quality of STEM literacy is that there is no set threshold to separate those who are STEM literate and those who are not.Like language literacy, it continues to grow and develop throughout a person's lifetime as they improve their abilities and skills to write in different styles

and to read in different genres.

The same holds true for STEM teaching and learning development.STEM literacy also grows throughout a person's lifetime as they add to and improve their knowledge of the STEM fields, better understand interconnections, and learn to apply that knowledge to answer questions and solve problems of interest to them. Therefore, as you improve your level of STEM teaching knowledge ,it will be reflected what you are able to do in the classroom.

Based on STEM Lesson Essentials

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