Welcome to Teach Tintas, Ms. Alia!

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

It is my honour to welcome into our blog area, to Ms. Alia.

Alyaa Al-Rubaie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry Sciences by the College of Education University of Baghdad. She graduated in 2001. Her first work was in the Ministry of Environment in the Department of Solid Waste and Recycling. Then she traveled to Amman, Jordan, to work as a volunteer in the International Relief Authority. Next, she moved to work in British schools where she taught several subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geology and Biology. Afterwards, the science department coordinator, after ten years of exile, decided to return to her country when she felt that the educational level began to collapse.

When Alia had returned, she gained a lot of experience that enabled her to serve as an educational advisor for eight private schools and three kindergartens. Thereafter, she insisted that she should have her own school, which is now a reality: Alia is the principal of her own school.

She believes that a person is created to learn and help the universe, and people will not be of benefit to the humankind unless they are educated. Childhood without education and learning, is a baseless structure that collapses at the first earthquake. Finally, Alia recalls the saying of Freud “Give me a happy and full childhood, I give you a sound, mature, youthful youth”.

We definitely want more people like her in this world!

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